DMT - Login Error invalid username/password


One of my users is getting an Invalid Username and password for the DMT. Never had this issue before. Where would this be stemming from?

Have them double check the Environment dropdown selection. Occasionally my changes to “GOLDEN”

They can’t even get there. They double click and the error comes up.


They have the Single Sign On option selected?

I used to use that, but then one of the times that the environment defaulted to “GOLDEN”, I couldn’t get in to change the environment or uncheck the SSO option.


drag that error box away so you can see the environment and SSO settings

Have you read through this topic?

Your dialog box appears to be missing the version info…


Yeah, I noticed that. I realized the license file wasn’t in the folder. So took care of that. Npw they are getting that the server is busy and to check the Event logs. There event logs are saying:

Ice.Common.InvalidSessionException: Session with SessionID = XXXXXX is invalid. Session has either timed out or has been deleted. You must login again to continue.

DMT installed locally on the Client workstation?

FWIW, I run it on my workstation, but from the App server. The shortcut on my workstation is configured with:

Target: \\usXXXXX\c$\Epicor\ERP10\LocalClients\UAT_102300\DMT.exe
Start in: \\usXXXXX\c$\Epicor\ERP10\LocalClients\UAT_102300

This might only work for me because I’m an admin on that server too.

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Epicor support called and for one person we had to only leave one of the sysconfig files int eh config folder, and put the others in a separate folder. The other lady i had to reinstall Epicor completely and then follow the same procedures as the other person. Crazy day, never thought the config files would cause the issue.

The New Epicor Version 10.2.600 is having DMT installed by Default, and connects with the Epicor Standard License File, this is helpful to cerntralize the licensing for DMT.

I am having the same problem. Is it the same as my Epicor user/pwd?

Yes, it will be the same credentials that you use to login to your instance of Epicor. Make sure you review your user account security settings ahead of time to see if you are an authorized DMT user.

Thanks. DMT user is checked and I am a security manager. So I still need help if anybody knows.

If the credentials you are suing don’t work, then you likely have the wrong version of DMT installed. I recall this happened to me once while in the process of learning DMT. I think I had a shortcut to a DMT file for the old version, and when I updated epicor, the old version stayed, while new folders for the new version were created. This forced me to relocate the new DMT file, and update my shortcut.