DMT - Order Detail Secret Sauce

Looking for the secret sauce for importing Sales Order Detail information?
I’ve gotten everything EXCEPT (for some reason) the unit price.

I’m importing the unit price, docunitprice, list price, doclistprice - even tried initialing the over price and override price list field s to true and still nothing. there’s nohints in the template. The field listed on the sales order is called curunitprice.

any ideas?

Please advise.

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Try DocDspUnitPrice.

UnitPrice, DocUnitPrice are your magic fields if you are using the Sales Order Detail DMT Templates

winner! winner! chicken dinner!
Thank you!

OK want to try for double jeapordy?

Having the same issues with purchase orders.

Drum roll, please…

Try DocUnitCost, but I think the bigger issue on PODetail was CalcOurQty.


This was a nightmare to find the golden path - these two fields work consistently.

Man this is frustrating as all heck.

I got the unit cost to come out on the screen - now I need to get the extended cost/price to appear on the Purchase order. The extended cost appears on the PO entry form - but is not printing on the PO itself.

I’ve got:
Unit cost, docunitcost, scrunitcost, docscrunitcost for cost fields
I also have calcourqty, pricingqty abd base qty fields filled in
I also have pricingunitprice filled in as well!!

I’m staring at the template and I can’t see any more quantity or price/cost fields in there. I don’t see any extended fields in that table either…(at least not in the template)

Ideas? Thanks, Jeff

I looked at my template from loading into E9.I had CalcOuQty, UnitCost and DocUnitCost like you. I also had CostPerCode set to E and QtyOption set to Our.

I’ll bet the quantity option might be it… Will advise.