DMT PODetail price update

we’ve migrated from 10.1.400.38 to last week and seems that since then, we cannot update PO Line prices through DMT or custom code (BOO DLL), even if no error is returned in both ways. DMT tools version is currently for 10.2.200.

Ive attached a sample DMT template that was working before but not anymore. Note that for the PO im trying, the line is open and header is unapproved. I can change the quantity, but not the price. It is maybe a new field I need to add? Any idea?

Book1.xlsx (10.4 KB)


Are there price lists in use for these particular parts / vendors?

Thanks for the quick reply Calvin.

That part is not in any list and supplier doesnt have any.


So you can update the unit price manually (on the PO Entry form), but DMT fails.

What error does DMT give you?

Or does it appear to run without errors, but the PO doesn’t reflect the update?

Correct. Manually there is no issue. It appear to run without errors according to DMT (or BO), but the PO doesn’t reflect the update.


Just looked at your excel file, and while I don’t think it’s an issue, I did notice that many of the fields that hold a number, are actually stored as text.


Open that file in excel and change columns B-E and G-H to General (or Number)

Calvin, no luck.


make an excel file with the bare minimum (Company, PONum, and POLine) and add a column for CommentText. Just to see if it is something with this PO.

"CA",617699,1,"Hello World!"

And you’re sure the DMT is pointing to the right App (Live vs Test)?

And the user that is logged into DMT is an authorized user for the buyer?


maybe it wasnt clear in my original post. Updating the quantity using the CalcOurQty/CalcVendQty columns works for that same DMT/PO/user.


I still tried updating the CommentText using only the columns you mentioned. No issue.

Did you unapproved the PO first? You can’t update the PO price until it is in an unapproved state.

So DMT will update any filed EXCEPT UnitPrice or DocUnitPrice?


Try turning on tracing in DMT

Hi Chris,
as original post says, yes I did.


Looking like that so far. Will check for tracing.

thanks again


Saw that after posting.

I don’t have an answer for you. Am seeing the same thing in my environment now when trying to update a PO price.

thanks for the feedback Chris


Do you have access to test my DMT file in a test environment (with another Company/PONum)?


I’m on 10.4.100. Your problem is new since upgrading to 10.2.200, no?

10.4? You mean 10.1.400.23 as your profile says?

Yes the issue seems new for us since we upgraded to We were on 10.1.400.38 previously.


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Yes. 10.1.400… I’m a little lexdesic :wink:

Does 10.2.200 have any functionality changes regarding PO entry?

Is it just this PO, or is the issue with any PO?