DMT Purchase Order Receipt Serial Numbers

I am looking for a way to load the serial numbers in a purchase order receipt. The part is purchased from the supplier and the supplier has provided a document with the serial numbers last time we just copy/past e/add on the purchase order receipt. However, this shipment contains 400+ of them so I would like to DMT them into the purchase order unless there is a system option built for this that I missing it feels like this would be a fairly common task?.

Hello Melinda,

Are you looking to do this as a one-off or build a automated system to regularly upload serial numbers?

It would be more than a one off as we get 2-3 shipments a year containing 100s of serail numbers each time

My experience of DMT is that it is not a good choice for M2M interfaces. There is a lack of feedback from DMT that can be machine interpreted. Best to look at Service Connect or given your E10 version, the REST API if you want something fully automated.

Try using the attached file as a guide. The serial numbers need to be tilde separated, but you can import all of them at once if they are together in that field in your import file.SN_Test_ReceiptEntry.xlsx (8.8 KB)


Hi Richard thanks for your reply we are newbie Epicor users so first step was to find out what service connect is :slight_smile: at a quick glance I thinks it’s overkill for what we require but perhaps down the track.

Thank you so much Matt this worked despite following some older posts with similar info which failed (my error I suspect)
Yours worked for anyone else that comes across this the method that worked for us was
Begin header of Receipt,
use Matts file to create the DMT for PO receipt detail upload
Open receipt check it and click received
This saved us masses of time so much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi guys, can share more on the above excel? Do i use DMT to upload? If DMT which table do i use to upload?