DMT - Sales Order Combined - Multi line order

We are trying to setup a template to import multi line orders through DMT.

I can import single line orders successfully using Sales Order Combined template. But when tried to do the multi line order it is failing on the 2nd line as DMT assumes that 2nd line is a separate order (order number is 0 for all the lines). How can we setup the data in the template to show the system that other lines are part of the same order?

It would be great if anyone help us out.

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You don’t need to do anything special other than have the same order number in each row. For example, if you have order 123 and it has 3 lines then you should have 123 listed 3 times under the OrderNum column.


Leaving ordernum as 0 means the system will generate the order number which I guess you want it to do. I think if you’re using Sales Order Combined template, you also need column OrderDtl#OrderLine. Set this field to be equal to 1, 2, 3 then back to 1 to indicate a new order.

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The issue is that we are creating new orders through DMT so we don’t know the order number at that point.

I just changed the line number to 1, 2 and 3 and it started working .


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@Rashid would you be able to post the file used. We are trying this out and I have been struggling to get the lines to be on one order. The DMT keeps creating new orders per line.


This is the file I am using. @markdamen or @danbedwards just seeing if you can take a peek at this as well.

e10help.xlsx (10.0 KB)

Hi, if there is no order number then I think it uses the ponum to create a new order number

You can order numbers but keep the line numbers at zero. make sure the ordernumbers are below the starting order number number in company config.


Tried both of those and still not able to get multiple lines per order. 1 line per order works though.

Only just quickly glanced before leaving the office for the weekend :slight_smile: I would try moving the OrderNum column further to the left, perhaps right next to Company.

Bumping an ancient topic because I’m about to dive into the same issue - does anyone know if @Rashid 's post turned out to be the solution?

Summary of his question

Seems to be his solution but others struggled with it later

Did anyone else get this sorted?

You need to make sure your using PONum and increment OrderLine by one each time and it will start a new order when the PONum changes. I’ve been using the Sales Order Combined for years with multiple orders and multiple lines in the same
file with no issues.


confirming that this is correct and works for me, thanks very much everyone

I am struggling with this right now. I have a file and when the PO num changes, I get a new sales order for each line. Any thoughts? I keep trying different things to no avail.

I used this template in the past. As Rich mentioned, increment the line number 1,2,3 per PO.
SalesOrderCombined.csv (639 Bytes)

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Thank you! I did finally figure out the nuances! Sometimes you just need to finally admit publicly that you are defeated for it to finally work.

Now on to bulk taking them off hold, printing the sales order picks and the sales order acks.