Docstar and IDC - Upgrade to 21.2.x and 9.xx - notes from the field

Thought I’d drop this out for everyone who is considering it. I’ll make this as short and concise as possible. My intent was to try and do an in-place update of both, in an afternoon, with a rehearsal run on my Dev box.

Visuals - the rebranding is in effect. Colors, Fonts, logos, etc. have all changed, so it’s closer to Kinetic that previous version. Otherwise, no structural changes to what you see on screen except for some image viewing changes in IDC. Little or no end-user training will be needed.

Functionality/Database - Doesn’t seem to be much new except for some technical enhancements and a few things in IDC, but depends on what version you are coming from. The upgrade doesn’t seem to touch/alter either database either. Kind of boring actually, but I’m doing this because of a specific bug fix in IDC.

The Process - note that I’m on-prem, split server (ECM and IDC are separate but their databases are on a third SQL-only server) and fully virtualized. So I got some snapshots all around :slight_smile:

The biggest complaint is that there is about zero documentation on working with the ECM/IDC installation files, and nothing to distinguish Installs from Upgrades, save a few pieces that I have and/or made for myself during the initial install.

Spend some time doing screen shots, collecting license keys, directory/share names, etc. before you start - because if you mess it up and change any value from the previous install, it might not work. I also encourage you to clear everything out that is still a batch in IDC, or is stuck in a workflow in ECM. (One of the values you can miss during install is the ‘imagestorage’ directory) Also delete any configuration profiles in your ECM Client service or IDC Email/Input service that doesn’t work or is incomplete. The upgrade will work, but you’ll have a time of getting the services to run correctly.

ECM or IDC first? These do not have to be done at the same time, and can be done in either order.

The IDC Update has a ‘version 7.x to version 9.x’ PDF that talks about directory structure, but it only covers the ‘clients’ and not the server - but I went ahead and did it all, reusing the same database, and it seems to have worked :man_shrugging:

If you are planning these updates and want to know/ask anything specific, let me know. I had a fairly smooth go with my Dev box, but my production box gave me fits - and I learned a lot.

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The only visual miscue we had is that the Single Signon button looks like text only if the user is using dark mode in the browser.

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Yes, I can see this as being a problem. I’m not enthused about the new ECM color scheme… it’s sort of artistic, but in a cold war sort of mid-20th century way or something…