Docstar (ECM) System Requirements

We have been using Docstar (ECM) without IDC for the past 2 years. We are just now adding IDC and noticed the system requirements say that IDC needs to be its own separate server (with SQL DB) apart from the Docstar server we already have.

With only 2,000 transactions a month, is it really necessary that we have IDC on a separate server?

Just curious what other configurations there are out there. Is it really necessary to have 2 servers dedicated for Docstar?


@jdewitt6029 I don’t know if is needed since we are just getting started with AP Automation but our consultant was advised we also needed a separate IDC server for 2,000 transactions a month so I have ECM and IDC servers in dev and production.

@jdewitt6029 My personal opinion would be no you dont’ need a separate server, but that also has a lot to do with how much work your DS instance will be doing. Do you have a lot of users in DS, a lot of workflows happening at the same time as AP Invocie import? Things like that…

If you’re virtualized then it’s a no brainer - add a second server - but if you’re on physical servers, you could try it once, then move it to another server if the performance is poor. Moving it wouldn’t not be hard.