Does anybody use cycle count?


There is a design issue (what I would call a bug) that I have tested and proven
that basically will not allow you to use the "autoselect" feature if you have
done a large quantity of bin "realignments". It really threw a wrench in my
"selling" of our users using the Vantage cycle count programs. If you manually
select parts, it works fine.

It doesn't suprise me that Epicor would not catch this on their training data.
(It took me quite a while to figure out what the heck was happening) However,
in the real (imperfect) world, we are not able to use this feature.

If you would like specifics you can contact me off the list.

Mike Lowe
If anyone is using the Cycle Count feature, please email me. I'd
like to discuss its usage with you. It is not functioning in a way
that is useful to us (pulling the same part day after day) and tech
support claims that it is working as designed, which is illogical.
Thank you!