Does anyone's Kinetic API runs as slow as mine?

Hi folks!

As i’ve grown accustomed (as everyone should right?) after sweeping the web and not finding any answers i’ve come to you.

We are trying to create sales orders in Kinetic through the Rest API as we want to integrate ODOO POS and Ecommerce site with Kinetic.

So far so good, we’ve been able to do so but it takes a really long time (200 lines take about 20 minutes in batches of 10 lines each) which still is an improvement over what we used to do over Service Connect (3-5 hours same 200 lines).

Is this everyones experience? has anyone found out on how to improve Epicors processing times? i think this takes so long due to BO logic being executed and degrades after about X amount of lines.

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance as always!! really appreciate it!


You may want to review this thread.


As @Mark_Wonsil said, check out the Ready to Process thread… but also, this could be some BPMs that you have included.
Typically, on an unmodified system with good network connection and good hardware, you should not see a slowdown over time when adding new lines, and you should see results of about 1 second per line if you paste in the lines into the sales order detail grid. so… 200 lines should take 200 seconds.

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I’m with @timshuwy . Check for duplicate BPMs.

In addition to the Ready to Process flag and BPMs, see the end of the thread. Traditional programming has a natural affinity for remote procedure calls. REST on the other hand prefers the work be done at the server with fewer calls - preferably just one. This becomes even more important when the server is far away - when using the cloud for example.

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We’ll test on all of these concepts, i think the ready to process might be the silent killer here! We do have oportunity for hardware upgrade but our system should suffice in that sense.

I’ll be back with the results! thanks a lot!

Just to keep you guys updated:
Removed the ready to process mark and from about 20 minutes inserting 200 lines in batches of 20 now we can insert the 200 lines in a single request un about 4 minutes! that is huge!!
gotta thank @timshuwy and @Mark_Wonsil for the recommendations.

Only issue we are facing now is that when we finally send the request with marking the ready to process to true then it timesout doing the recalculation (timesout in about 30 seconds) any tips on that?

wow… i am wondering if you have a badly behaving BPM that is working overtime. The first thing i would look for is a DATA BPM that is doing change logs, and if you have that, try turning it off.

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Hi team,

new update: proceeded to increase the time for a BAQ to timeout (don’t know why they are linked) wich was in 0 in the application server settings to 500 and now it is not timingout!

This is huge! we just tested 400 lines in about 5 minutes E2E, thank you very much @timshuwy @Mark_Wonsil !

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