Does Backflushing only happen when a Job is marked as complete?

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I’m looking at a way to process production information from an machine into Epicor.

Currently, I am able to create labels automatically from a machine, and store that record into a SQL Database. I had planned to pull those records out of one table, and process them into Epicor through DMT. the question I’m running into with Epicor is that the Job Receipt to Inventory seems to only backflush if the job is marked as complete.

If we create a job for say 2000 pieces, and our shifts are only able to produce 400 a day into 4 containers, (Say 100 per container), is there a way to do the job receipt to inventory for each transaction (100 pieces) and then backflush the child material / sub components?

We haven’t started to set up Jobs yet in Epicor, I just want to ensure that as transactions happen on the floor, they’re processed into Epicor into a relatively timely manner, instead of a week later.

You can set backflushing at the Operation as well. Any material tied to that operation will backflush based on the qty completed.

Will this cause the backflush to happen as I DMT Job Receipts?

So; if I were to run the task to DMT records every two hours; and say there were 2 containers of 100 that were produced; there might be two DMT records for the 200 parts.

Edit: It looks like I have a backflush bin setup in the resource, I wasn’t seeing it in Operation though.

We backflush at the operation. I think the job completion is a different process.

Example: The mold material has a related operation of the mold operation that is in the MOLD resource group. When the mold operation has X pieces reported the backflush labor process running in the background will consume enough material to make X pieces from the Backflush Warehouse that is in the hierarchy at the link below. We do backflush warehouse at the resource group level.

Now if you set auto receive on the operation and DMT a quantity against the operation it would backflush the material and issue a top line to finished goods.

I’ll check out the article, for using DMT I didn’t see a Report Qty as the MES has, so Job Receipt to Inventory is what I should be using correct?

DMT is just simulating the UI steps. You need the DMT Labs and DMT Templates from EpicWeb from the links below if you don’t have them. I use them a ton when i am doing this.
To get backflush to happen a quantity needs to be reported on the operation. To do that you would make a Laborhed/LaborDtl combined entry with a labor quantity. There is a TE Labor Combined section and a TE Labor Combined.csv template that you can use to find what is needed. From there some trial and error. Also make sure you have the Backflush labor Server Process running on a timed schedule of 5 minutes and not on startup.

If you want to automate it all then once it works manually you can make a BAQ to get the sql records and make your DMT file then fire the BAQ and DMT thru PowerShell on a schedule.

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I didn’t think about doing a BAQ Export, but I can look into it. I wrote a powershell script to export the records in a DMT format and mark those as processed, so I wouldn’t grab them again, then run DMT, process that csv and email a copy of it.

I’ll check out the back flush process and TL Combined template and let you know, thank you sir.

Really hope this will help us to take off and start using Epicor.

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Alright. . . got a TE Labor DMT File setup without any issue. Uploaded some and it looks like it created inventory; but nothing has backflushed. Where can I find the backflush process to make sure it runs in a timely manner?

Also, I created a test revision and wanted to make sure this is set up correctly.

Edit: Found the process to run, I’ve got it showing in System Monitor as scheduled. . . Just trying to see if it actually runs and backflushes the parts.

Are the materials related operations set to 10? If it not recurring I think it will only fire if you stop and start the task agent.

In system agent make a schedule for 5 minutes.
Submit backflush labor process and assign to the 5 minute schedule, recurring.

You will see it run or fail in the system monitor.

I think the labor needs to be Time and Quantity to trigger the backflush. Backflush would be operations that would be hit by the backflush process


Got the backflush running correctly on a schedule.

I ensured in the test revision the material parts were associated with Opr 10, and changed the labor to Time and Qty.

When I DMT the parts in, I can see the inventory created, but I’m still not seeing any backflushing happen.

I would turn off auto receive since you know that is working and look at the labor. do you have a labor entry made that shows in job tracker? Does it have a quantity? if so what is the resource group on that labor detail? Does the RG have a backflush location and bin? Does that bin have a quantity on hand?

I am trying to find where me backflush log gets written to see if it has any info that would help you.

Here is what i see in my log.

I set up default bins to backflush the material,

I see a Labor Transaction as well in the Job Tracker.

Yes, the LaborDetail does have a quantity and resource group.
I’ll turn off the AutoMove and see if that helps any.


I think I got it. . . Now I feel bad.

I didn’t have backflush marked here in Job Entry for the Materials.

How can I set this up so that it’s always set to backflush in the Method of Manufacturing? I may be overlooking it there too.

I’d like to be able to use the Quick Job Entry for scheduling these runs to make the process a bit quicker.

Edit (Again):

I got it to work. . . sighs

Thanks for the help! Now to see how I can incorporate that data from the machines. :smiley:

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did you have the backflush flag turned on in the Part/Site tab of Part Maintenance?

SO… just to make sure that you have all the settings right:

  1. Part/Site - any material you want to always backflush, flag it here as a backflush item
  2. in the BOM, associate the material to the operation where it should be backflushed.
  3. create a job using the BOM - Note that you CAN override the backflush flag in the material here if you want, but it will use the Part/Site as the default when creating jobs
  4. Report labor completions.
  5. run the backflush process - you can have this setup to run every X Minutes so that it is automatic.
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Sorry, I forgot about the Part being marked as a backflush part. If you set it as @timshuwy says it will be set on the job material when get details is done.

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