Domain User and SSRS Error

I have a domain user that is setup in SSRS to be a browser, and he gets the error on most reports that a connection can’t be made to the data source because his account is inactive. We have checked this user and he is not inactive. No other user has this issue, and it only started a few weeks ago for him.

Anyone have this happen before?

Does he have browse/Read permissions for the Epicor SSRS SQL Database? Not the SSRS Interface - the Epicor SQL SSRS Database.

Permissions are tricky.


Is this an Epicor report or a report you created from scratch? If it’s an Epicor report, the report would be activated under the service account that is running the application pool for the instance and SSRS would need permissions set for that account. Based on this working for some users and not this one, I’m guessing this is a report from scratch. If the SSRS is set up OK for permissions, the other place to look for “disabled” account is within SQL Management Studio to make sure this person’s account is enabled. It is also a good practice to not enable specific users within SQL, but to enable a group. That way you manage things via groups instead of individuals.

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Yes, it is a custom report. All users in SSMS are Domain users. Under the Logins in SSMS it shows (company)\Domain Users.