Drawer full of cables

Just curious if everyone else has a desk drawer of box of computer cables, old mice, phone chargers, etc…

I’d bet dollars to donuts that there’s a Centronix printer cable in there.

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I used to have one too and in a fit of rage, I picked it up dumpped all contents of it in a trashbag and took it outside. Never looked back at it…

Though now that I think about it… I wonder where I put that HD with my bit coin stash… :scream:


We do have a cabinet full…it’s like “I’m walking into spider webs”. :musical_note: :spider: :spider_web:

My only advice is quit feeding that thing and kill it! It’s having babies! :scream:

A bitcoin “wallet” is just really the account number and security hashes, no?

If you had all that info written down on paper, you’d still be able to access your bitcoin, no?

There are phone chargers in there (the old fashioned kind that had the two prong, and an attached cable with a proprietary connector), for phones I no longer have. But being an electrical engineer, I see them as mini power supplies, just waiting to have their proprietary connector cut off, and repurposed for something useful.



@ckrusen I have multiples of that drawer. I went thru it at Christmas and paired it down from 5 to 2. I work for a cable manufacturing company so there are some odd cables like HP-IB that I just can’t part with because I know how hard they are to find and we still have instruments that use them. I did toss all of my IBM daisy chain KVM cables that had not been used in a decade.

@josecgomez He should have put a Tile on that HD.

Most BitCoin Wallet are encrypted and unless you have the keys you can’t decrypt it. If you wrote down the private key you could recover it… but clearly he didn’t

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I need to learn more about this. Not because I plan on using Bitcoin, but because I’m interested in the tech behind it.

I have read up on (and by “read up on”, I mean “watched YouTube videos”) on the blockchain and mining aspects of it.

IEEE 488 GPIB cables? We must have “donated” thousands of dollars to National Instruments back in the day, buying those cables (which are a good 1/2" in diameter). I say donated, as most were never taken out of the bags they came in.


@ckrusen Doesn’t every IT person have a drawer like this??? Mine has Mardi Gras beads in it too…LOL!!


@ckrusen Ouch they were $$$

You mean a charging cable for something like this!? :laughing:


Maybe they’ll be worth something someday? (Every Hoarder’s Motto! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

You could try making your own artwork out of them…



I took a WEEK’S VACATION in December and cleaned out half the basement (we’re going to be moving)… it was scary what I found.

INCLUDING a Centronics printer cable.

Got a couple of those laying around. Raise you SCSI Ultrawide cable?..Found it Diamond Rio connector cable!

If I look hard enough I might have a ribbon cable for a Tandy Line Printer V too. My family call me a hoarder. I call it saving for posterity!

You’ll have the last laugh after an alien invasion that is only stopped because you had the right cable to connect to their mainframe and upload the virus!

BTW - I’ve also got a couple of PCMCIA cards in there too. A 40 MB hard drive, and an ethernet/modem card.

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Raise you a Bondwell B300 Laptop with 10MB MFM drive, and a 4 Port USB PCMCIA card. (Card Separate to the Laptop)

The oldest piece of tech I ever owned was a Megger High Voltage resistance meter. It was just a box with a meter movement, a little generator in it, and a crank on the side to turn the generator to make the high voltage. Something like:

One of the best things was an 8-bit internal 14.4k POTS modulator/demodulator.

And if you can translate that then you’re probably as old as I am.


Oh the memories, in fact:

8" - 180K in the background
5 1/4 - 360K in the foreground

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