Dump and Load with multi vol. data file

I received instruction from Tech Support to create a DBDUMP2 folder in
addition to my DBDUMP folder. I then copied my empty database into DBDUMP2
. This is how my customized instructions ended: "Now this is the database
you will use to load into."

This makes sense to me, I'm dumping into DBDUMP and loading into DBDUMP2.
The problem is my load instructions are for DBDUMP. Here are my

Change your DOS prompt to: C:\DBDUMP>

then enter:

_proutil Vantage --yy 1970 -C BULKLOAD VANTAGE.FD -TB 24 -TM 32

I'm guessing I have to change one of the VANTAGE'S to include a path to my
DBDUMP2 directory. So should it be:

_proutil c:\DBDUMP2\Vantage --yy 1970 -C BULKLOAD VANTAGE.FD -TB 24 -TM 32


_proutil Vantage --yy 1970 -C BULKLOAD c:\DBDUMP2\VANTAGE.FD -TB 24 -TM 32

Regis I want to go with the audience on this one.