Dymo label printing

Has anyone ever had any luck with using Dymo printers, specifically using shipping labels (2 5/6 x 4")

I don’t have any issues using regular address labels, as I’m assuming this is the default size.

I’ve tried changing the report page size, setting the correct label type in the printer driver, but no luck, it keeps defaulting to the address label size (1 x 2"), so it effectively prints on only half of the shipping label.

Hi Martin,

Take a look at this post and see if it helps:


I tried getting a SSRS report to work with a Dymo printer. Never had any luck, but I only spent and afternoon. The page size just didn’t seem to stick, it said the right size everywhere in the SSRS report that I could find, but then the generated PDF was the wrong size and messed it up.

Unfortunately we’re using SSRS, so not sure if this would even work.

Can you get a print preview to even render the PDF with the right page size?

Might as well give it a shot? It’s more about printer preferences than crystal…at least in my case it was.

Yup, if i do a print preview the sizing is correct, so either Epicor is overriding the settings somewhere, or some setting isn’t set? Not so sure.

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Are you printing as a client or server printer in E10?

Note that this is not the same as a local or networked printer.

My LAN may have a network printer, which my workstation is setup to use (in Windows). But that can still be selected as a “Client printer” in E10

Client printer, i’ve had success with using it as a server printer before, but ideally I don’t want to go that route in our set up, we’ve had too many issues where users would print Job Travelers to the label printer (ie. a 2-page job traveler turns into a 500-page label print job).

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Yeah, We don’t use any server printers. I was only asking to get the thoughts flowing. Not because I knew of any particular situation that could be your problem.

If you preview it. and then then try to print the PDF to the label printer, does it work?

One thing I’ve found with label printers is that the concept a “portrait” and “landscape” may be reversed. Some consider the outer edges of the roll holding the labels to be the left and right sides. Some consider those edges to be the top and bottom.

Try experimenting with the portrait / landscape setting in both the page setup in Report Builder, and the printer’s preferences.

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Can I ask if you use Dymo label printers in your set up’s? If not, what label printer do you use? If switching out printers will make it more user friendly for the users here I’d like to consider going that route.