Dynamic Segments - any success stories?

Dynamic account segments seem really cool. But are they worth it? Does anyone use them?

I see that the only meaningful way to use them is with posting rule modifications. There is something with lookup tables, too. But it all looks like a ton of setup.

I see the extra segments go to the TranGLC table, so that’s good.

But even after setting up the segments and doing a transaction on one of my new long account numbers, I ran the General Ledger Report and it looks like it skips the Dynamic ones and just looks at the, um, static (?) segments. I like that, seems like a good balance.

So I guess only the static segments are the real ones that make up a genuine account? That’s what I was hoping and expecting.

Also, I wonder how much longer it will take to run the Inv-WIP Recon report if it’s got to go look up all of these cross-references. Yikes. Or does it summarize like the GL Report does? Probably not.

If you have used Vantage, there is a GLReference Code which is part of dynamic segments in E9/E10. Most of my customers use that to track expenses like travel, employees expenses, etc Std. Epicor has set up to support that and no need to change the posting rule. Other than that if the company is project-centric, it may be an option to use the project as one of the dynamic segments so that project can be tracked in GL. Long before I worked in an ERP which supported dynamic segments where key areas like Part Class, Product Group, etc can be tracked in GL.

Interesting. OK, so for this reference type, I think you mean the chart has to be set up like this:

And that opens up this screen:

And I slapped “PartNo” on there just to do it.

But then I am lost. I don’t understand what is the path forward from there. I looked this up in the Implementation guide and it stops at this step.

So, uh, other than @Arul, no one here has any good experiences with dynamic account segments?

Create GL Reference Type and required acocunts. Options are Required, Optional or Exclude

Then add required segments values for the GL reference type through Account Segment Values. Then where ever GL account is called like PO, AP Invoice, GL entry, etc it will open up the segment values to enter.