E10.2.500.32 - Move equipment from one site to another

Is there a way to move equipment from one site to another? We do that occasionally. It would be nice to keep the maintenance history with that piece of equipment during the move.


Hi Jeff,

Transfer Orders cover moving inventory between sites. It’s a full Order (Requesting Site), Ship (Shipping Site), Receive process (Requesting Site).



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You can under Site Configuration. There is a Transfer Resources tab. I have never used it, so can’t speak to how it works.

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as @jkane suggested, you use the Transfer Resources tab to move your resource from one site to another. It is probably one of the lesser used/known features, but i believe it works.

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Hi Jeff,

Are you looking to just transfer inventory?

Transfer Orders just move INV QTY & Costs.

Hi @jkane

Not sure about Transfer Resources:

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I’m not sure we are talking about the same thing. We do not assign resources to equipment. We assign resources to operations. We are physically moving this equipment from one site to another.

I believe if you assign a resource to a piece of equipment, the system stops you from assigning that same resource to another piece of equipment. If your resource is a person in the maintenance department, he/she can not be a resource on another piece of equipment. So we assign the resources to operations. Maybe this will help:



We created an updateable dashboard to change the site on our Equipment when we move machines and dies between sites. This is to bypass the fact that the Site dropdown is read-only in Equipment maintenance.

There are a few caveats to watch out for:

  1. If you have a template job assigned to the equipment or any maintenance plans, you will need to remove those templates before changing the site. Since jobs are site-specific, you will need to create new templates in the new site for that equipment (or assign the equipment to existing templates).
  2. You will need to change the site value from the site the equipment is moving TO. Otherwise the business object will throw an error saying you are not allowed to maintain that equipment record from your current site.
  3. Try to close out any existing jobs for that equipment in the old site before changing the site value just so there are no open jobs in the old site.
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