E10.2.X Invalid company GPC for user MANAGER

I installed a copy of the Training DB and it mostly works but I get this when clicking on the Planning Workbench.

When I try to go into Job Status Maintenance I get this error.


Can anyone tell me what this is ?


Looks like there is a bad favorite record in the database. Let me review my internal database, and I’ll provide a SQL script fix shortly.

I’ll submit a bug request against this (for the issue launching Job Status Maintenance). In the meantime, please do the following.

  1. Within SQL Server Management Studio, please backup the database (because, if I don’t say this I get in trouble).
  2. Execute the following against your training database:

update ice.favitems
set appserverurl=’’
where appserverurl <> ‘’

  1. Recycle your training appserver.
  2. Try to launch your favorite again.

For the issue with Planning Workbench, please do the following:

  1. Log into the Epicor training database with epicor/epicor.
  2. Navigate to System Setup > Security Maintenance > User Account Security Maintenance.
  3. Type “manager” (without quotes) and press TAB.
  4. Click on the Company tab.
  5. File > New > New Company.
  6. From the Company dropdown, select Graphic Printint Co and more all sites from Available to Authorized.
  7. Press Save.
  8. Close out of the client and log back into the client with manager.
  9. Launch Planning Workbench again.

EDIT: I am not sure if the issue is with how the favorite was created, or if the manager user really should have access to the GPC company–either way, I’ll submit a bug for this issue as well.

Hi Nathan,

When I try to pull down the company drop down box, GPC is not there to choose.



Something is a bit wonky here–I’ll dig into this more internally.

Below is the process I use whenever I am trying to launch a menu item when I don’t know where it really is in the main menu tree.

  1. From the Homepage, click on the search button on the top right.
  2. Select Menu Search, and search for Planning workbench
  3. Click on the Planning Workbench link

NOTE: Below the name is the path in the main menu tree to manually launch it if needed.

NOTE 2: If you right-click on the item, the bottom tray auto-opens and on the far right of the tray are some new icons that appear. One of them (the star) adds it to your favorites, the one with a home adds it to your home page. If this is an item that you plan on launching frequently, you may want to add it to one of those areas.

Thanks for the SQL script and the quick informative responses.
I am logging in as Epicor for now and getting by.