E10: "Attempt to lock records with no transaction in effect detected

Hi All,

I am converting a BPM that populates a field from the header down to all lines if it is changed.
Specifically, we manage the Project ID for a sales order at the header level. We created a custom field on the header and if this changes, it is should populate down to OrderDtl.ProjectID on all lines.

This works well in E9, with the slight issue that we have to refresh the order afterwards, which we are living with.

In E10, the updates to the lines take place but afterwards, we get an error that says “Attempt to lock records with no transaction in effect detected.”

Below is my code. Any ideas on how to address this error?
I tried using a transaction scope with no luck.

int numOfLines = 0;

foreach (var ttOHead in (from ttOrderHed_Row in ttOrderHed
where ttOrderHed_Row.Company == Session.CompanyID
select ttOrderHed_Row))
foreach (var ODtl in (from OrderDtl_Row in Db.OrderDtl
where OrderDtl_Row.Company == ttOHead.Company
&& OrderDtl_Row.OrderNum == ttOHead.OrderNum
select OrderDtl_Row))
ODtl.ProjectID = (string)ttOHead["ShortChar01"];
numOfLines = numOfLines + 1;

if (numOfLines > 0)
this.PublishInfoMessage("REFRESH NEEDED\n\nSales order lines were updated while saving the order.\nYou will need to refresh the order before making any other changes.", Ice.Common.BusinessObjectMessageType.Information, Ice.Bpm.InfoMessageDisplayMode.Individual, "SalesOrder", "Update");

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