E9: Tricky BPM Blank Title 92007

Hi All,

I posted a message not too long ago where I was trying to create a BPM
that would sync a UD field on QuoteHed to Project ID on QuoteDtl.

I was able to create the BPM and the only downside to it is that I have
to refresh the quote in order to see the change on the quote lines
because I had to update QuoteDtl directly because there are not always
records in ttQuoteDtl.

The refresh issue is a little annoying but not really a big deal.

Now I'm trying to do the same thing but for Sale Orders.

Taking the same approach as the BPM for Quotes, I found that the Sale
Order screen behaves differently.

As soon as the SalesOrder.Update method completes (I'm putting my code
in pre-processing) I get the "Record has been changed...please refresh"

This wouldn't be so bad but it does an undo on the change I made at the
header level so now the value at the lines are correct but the header
has the "old" value.

So, my question is...is there a way to mark the sale order lines as
"dirty" so that when SalesOrder.Update executes the ttOrderDtl tables
will always have records?

If I can get this happen, then my code will work properly because I
won't have to directly update OrderDtl.


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