E10 BPM - invoke a BO Method

I created a Custom Action on Business Activity Query Designer and also created a Updatable BAQ Method Directives (PartUOM_update.RunCustomAction > Base Processing).

I want using “Invoke a BO Method” to update the database data (Change PartUOM_TrackOnHand to False)
I tested few times but not success.
Is any one tried to do it?
Thank you!

Try enabling Track Mutiple UOMs (Part.TrackDimension) for that part and then update PartUOM.TrackOnHand.

I confirmed the part has already been set to “track mutiple UOMS”, but still not work. Thank you!

I modified the BPM Workflow design.
I found out that I can use “GetByID” to get the table first.
And then I can use “Update” to update the table data.

ref: E10 BPM to invoke a BO Method to Update a different Table - #2 by rbucek