E10 Button to Trigger BAQ Reports With Filter Criteria

I saw another post on here looking to do the same thing I’m wanting to do, but I’m not sure that the version (8 or 9 vs 10) and languages (VB vs C#) apply, so I’m looking for anyone with insight into the following for E10/C#:

I want to put a custom button on the Job Tracker page that, when the user clicks it, a BAQ Report will automatically fire and pass the Job Number into the Filter.

Someone mentioned using ProcessCaller to call a MenuID, which I’m totally fine with taking a stab at (if it’s availble in 10). I’d like to see if anyone has had any luck coming up with a solution, or if Epicor has made this more user-friendly in 10.1+

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Search the forum this has been addressed and solved several times