E10 Configuration Business objects

In E9 I setup my configuration Q and A session in a seperate .net application and used the E9 Business Objects to populate the  pcInputValues and to execute the Method rules against them. We are now in the process of converting to E10 and well, things are a bit more challenging.

Here's the really simplified E9 steps:


For each ConfigSequence Row
   GetQuoteValues, GetOrderValues or GetJobValues
   For Each Value in Order, Quote or Job
       If InputName == SomeValue
           InputValue = SomeOtherValue
       End if
   SaveQuoteConfiguration, SaveOrderConfiguration or SaveJobConfiguration

In E10 I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of the following:

Using Erp.Proxy.BO.ConfigurationRuntimeImpl

ConfigurationSequenceDataSet seqDS = PrestartConfiguration(...);
PcValueDataSet valDS = StartPcValueConfiguration(...);

         // Update Values as necessary


So my question is has anyone tried calling or have successfully ran a configuration session from outside of E10 using the E10 Business objects?