E10 Configurator - part field lookup on checkbox click

Looking for a way to execute a “simple” lookup to the part table from within an On Field Change and return a decimal value, which then gets assigned to a Configurator input.

I’ve found several posts that allude to how this could be done but am not able to fully execute the lookup.

In the example I’m trying to accomplish, a click of a check-box input field will trigger a lookup to the Part table and return the UnitPrice value, which will then update an existing input Value (Input.DefaultBlowerPrice.Value, for example).

Am I understanding what I’ve read so far that this can be accomplished by

  1. Creating a Configurator User Defined Method (Server side method)
  2. Call the User Defined Method from the On Field Changed
  3. Assign the result to an input in the Configurator.

I’m sure that’s over simplifying it, but is that the basic process?

You are correct, those are the basic steps for what you are looking to do.

Here is a quick example that will help you.

UDMethod_Example.pdf (452.2 KB)

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Thank you Dan, this is definitely the direction I needed. I really appreciate your help.

Glad I could help. When you get a minute could you mark this topic as solved?

Absolutely, done. Thanks!

Thanks Dan works great!!! :smiley:

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