E10-creating pm jobs

I created a PM plan which should generate a new pm maintenance job every 2 days based on the ‘template job’ I created with resources and operations.
but it is not generating new maintenance jobs.
I also cannot check the preventative check box when creating PM jobs in job entry.
Any help would be appreciated. thankyou.

Have you run the maintenance plan processor? This will create your PM jobs, depending on meter readings, and generate jobs flagged as PM. You cannot change this flag with a manual or request based job creation, I believe.

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Yes you need to schedule the Maintenance Plan Processor to run.
I would recommend running it before MRP.
The Preventative checkbox is only maintained by the Maintenance Plan Processor.

Hey, Thanks for the reply.
now it creates PM jobs only when I click the submit button on Maintenance plan processor based on the schedule I have done on Maintenance plan.
How do I automate the process of creating PM jobs?

When you setup the Process and you pick the Schedule you want you have to enable the ‘Recurring’ checkbox for it to run on that schedule repeatedly, otherwise you are just scheduling the process to run once on the next scheduled time for that schedule.
Then when you click ‘Submit’ it will add it to the Scheduled tasks and after it runs once on the next schedule it should say in Scheduled tasks for the next scheduled time.

Excellent! Thankyou for your help guys. it works now.
I was also checking if there is a way to copy maintenance plans from one equipment to another same equipment, say a forklift which have a same PM plan.