Maintenance Module (PM job creation issue)

We have several PM plans in place and this has been working great, however, in the last month or so new jobs are being generated for some of our pieces of equipment even though the existing job is still open. We were under the impression (and a phone call to Epicor support last week) confirmed that a new job will not be generated until the existing one is complete/closed. I am trying to rule out any differences that may have occurred in the last couple of months, but so far have come up with nothing.
Has anyone using the maintenance module ever run into an issue like this and if so, what was causing this to happen.
Thanks for any help!

In the same topic future, MNT jobs are not visible. Only the next job is coming up, but that is not good enough for scheduling. I tried to follow all kinds of videos and training available, but MNT Process Plan only generates the next. Even in the case of weekly maintenance every week only the next job is visible. I cannot see a reason why. I suspect it is related to meter UOM which needs t be somehow set differently. Any idea?