E10: Export BAQ to Excel


We regularly get requests to export data on a scheduled basis. The request almost always wants the data in Excel.

If I create a BAQ and set it to export (BAQ Export Process), the only options are XML and CSV.
I know I could create a BAQ Report and get additional functionality with SSRS Routings but I was wondering if there is a more direct way to achieve this.

We’ve created custom programs to achieve this in the past but I’m wondering if there is a product or solution for this.

You could use the Report Options on Report Style.


Style Detail - Detail Fields

Report Options

Specifies additional options and settings required by the print program used for this report.

The following options are available in this field:

  • File - This field can be used to specify a directory path for report output. You can only change the file location for the SSRS reports with an Output Location set to Database. When specifying a location and file name, value substitution can be used in the directory path and file name. Note you must prefix the file name with File:, for example, File:{Company}{ReportId}{Counter}.pdf

Thank you. I was hoping to avoid the “overhead” of creating a report but I might have too.
As with all requests, after it is completed, there are always follow up requests to add fields. It would be nice to just add the field to the BAQ and be done with it.

We schedule regular reports all the time and simply schedule it to a person to be emailed to (pdf). I think we even have someone who has like 15 reports scheduled to hit his inbox every Sunday.

Haso, who maintains these schedules? Is it self service where users use the task agent to send themselves reports?

Why doesn’t the csv option work?

They want to open these files in Excel. When opening a CSV in Excel, Excel makes certain assumptions about the data type and how to display the data. For example, we have some Product Groups that Excel will interpret as dates. Also, fields that have commas, will cause a break to a new field and shift the rest of the data.

We have that too but some people have build Excel “reports” using data from Epicor and they need it exported.

Another option… turn your BAQ into a simple dashboard. Have the user launch the dashboard, then right-click and export to excel. This will generate the excel data with correct formatting.

Yes… living in the northeast US, I really get annoyed when all the zip codes lose the leading 0 character…

It is even worse for us in the southwest who are not readily seeing this problem and then discover that the east coast zips are missing data.