E10 Field control of "Enabled" Obsolete

Hello ,

I’m trying to Disable the EpiGroupBox and use the Field Properties. However, I’m getting the Warning below.
I know its just a warning but good practices should have no messages. Any suggestion that I can do something different?

Thanks in advance.

It’s just a warning, however you should be using the bound property of the column (Extended Property) and setting it to ReadOnly


Thank you Jose, was hoping to get different answer without coding :slight_smile:

@snguyen you can set the extended properties using the Wizard in the Actions Menu (no coding)

You know what’s funny. Even after coding this in, the warning still remains. Even after i undo what i did. Funny the property still allows for an enable selection, it’s just you can’t use it…

It appears the issue could be that the property still exists in the Custom properties of the XML, even though it shows as true in the properties. I selected it and hit the delete key, got a prompt to delete, then recompiled and the warning was gone.


My question would be how to do you set the read only property if the object is not bound?

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If its not bound you can use the enabled / disabled that should work… Even if it says “obsolete” that is still a perfectly valid state on a control.
I think there is also a IsReadOnly propery you can investigate.

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