E10 Master Pack, labels, EDI, etc

Wanted to see how other E10 customers are handling the following scenario.


We have a high volume customer that sends us multiple sales orders / lines that spans multiple ship to locations.  We ship to them on specific days of the week consolidating all shipments from the orders to each unique ship to location.  When we print shipping labels and when we send ASNs to this trading partner, we are required to display a unique SID (shipment identifier).  Say we have 5 locations and one pallet of multiple boxes going to each location.  Each box label has to have that group of shipments unique SID printed on the label and then the ASN for that shipment (which actually consists of multiple packing slips satisfying the multiple sales orders) has to be grouped by that SID.  Additionally, when we invoice for these shipments, we can’t send individual invoices per packing list.  The customer will only accept one invoice per SID.


How we did this on our old system (Vantage 6.1) we entered the unique SID in the Log field in Customer Shipment entry.  This way, when labels were printed the SID was available to be displayed.  Also, we had created some customized data exports that grouped shipments on the Log field so that the ASNs would group by SID.  Same with the Invoices.


As we migrate to E10, we had hoped that some of this could be automated by using Master Pack.  However, I can’t see how this would work with the master pack functionality as the packing slips (and corresponding box labels) would be generated before the Master Pack is created.  I’m hoping there are some other E10 EDI customers with a similar situation that could outline how you’ve handled this scenario.


Thanks in advance,