EDD Questions

I want to put up a live dashboard of current priority dispatch in our work centers. My options are using Power BI, or using Epicor EDD. The only thing keeping me from using EDD is I’m not exactly sure how licensing works on it. Also is there a way for me to embed EDD into a website and not use a license at all, or simply use 1 license for embedding?

Thanks for the help!

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EDD Basic is included with E10.2 at no additional charge. You may have to request from your CAM a new license file to get it to work. The installation process is described in the update guides, and is not trivial. Look for posts on this site by Brian Conner for more license details.

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But do you need a full license to embed it on a website?

if your on azure ad auth, edd advance license needed. unsure, whether edd can be configured windows auth and the client with azure ad auth.