Edge Agent Update Notification

I am fairly certain I know the answer to this, but just to be safe I figured I should ask anyway:

We received an email from Epicor yesterday stating that there is an Edge Agent Update due to a new SSL Certificate being issued.

We run E10.2.600.6 on-prem…Is this “Edge Agent” update something we need to concern ourselves with? I’ve never heard of the Edge Agent prior to that email, so I am thinking ‘no’, but I have been wrong in the past and don’t feel like getting burned.

It’s something to do with printing for SaaS customers as far as I understand. If you are on-prem don’t think it is anything to worry about.


Happy to hear that…as it means less work for me :grin:

Are we sure? Frankly I don’t have a clue. But my understanding was that it is how to print from a browser in Kinetic. Even if you are on prem.

It depends on how they mean “cloud”:


Also, I assume any future installs of Kinetic will have this new thingamabob?


Also I love the links in the email that lead here:


And when you do search “in your Epicor application,” you get this:

@jkane figured out that the Edge Client is based on QZ Tray, a local Java web service that allows printing from browsers. If I go to the Demo page at qz.io, I see this:

Which is the browser asking for permission to connect to the local service.

It’s an open source project but has some commercial support. It sounds like Epicor may have added the capability to read/write files local to your computer based on comments here on the group.

As mentioned, it doesn’t matter if you’re on-prem or SaaS. This solves the problem of printing (and some file operations) from the browser, i.e. Kinetic UI.


Thanks @Mark_Wonsil

And I guess I am freaking out for no reason, as it looks like it just asks you to update and all you have to do is say OK?

But, yes I can see that they do still need to do the PSA so that when people choose “Block” and complain about printing, here’s your sign.

We are are hosted, private cloud (single tenant) so this email is very confusing to us. Is there any action we need to take?

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Only if you’re currently using the EdgeClient in conjunction with the Kinetic web forms. If you’re using the Classic, then no.

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Edge Agent only matters in the Kinetic Interface. It allows you to print directly from the browser to your printer or to read local files.

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We’re in the middle of an upgrade to Kinetic. We’ve never heard of this Edge Agent previously so I genuinely have no idea is it something that gets installed/updated on the the terminal servers our user’s computers? We are starting to use our browsers to access Epicor now. Typically we used Parallels to connect.

It is only needed for direct printing, without it you get a PDF Preview of your reports in the browser.


So assuming some users would want to print directly to paper. Who needs to install this EMS? Again we are not on-premise we are a weird hosted senario.

This is installed by each Individual user on their computers (or in a Terminal Server Environment)

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Jose, does it matter for on prem using the kinetic interface?

We use the edge agent, we are on prem, do we need to do anything?

I haven’t delved into the architecture of the edge agent enough to understand how it works so this whole certificate thing has me a little confused for on prem instances.

I sense Epicor had to change certificates running the edge agent or something? Since we aren’t hosted by them I was assuming we are fine to do nothing.

But if the edge agent is reaching out to some third party besides Epicor and this affects everyone I guess I do need to do something.

In short, do on prem people using the kinetic interface have to do anything?

Yes if you have the Edge Agent you need to update it too.

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Thank Jose.

I would assume it needs to connect to epicor.com for the update, for on prem users.
I can’t imagine it needing anything else.

If that’s the case, if you are 2022.2+ then you should update the client.
If you are 2022.1- then you just need to check “Allow”.

We are on 10.2, and some of my users do use the Kinetic interface, however this Edge Agent is not something I have ever seen in my environment. I guess that is what is throwing me for a loop.

This is cert for 3-rd party application used for printing. It is updated once a year, and something needed to be changed in Edge Agent for that, afair.