EDI and 8.03 Blank Title 62126

Anyone doing EDI and on Vantage 8.03.xxx?

I had built a semi-automatic solution for our previous ERP software
but now that we are live on V8, our 830 and 862 data is being manually
entered. I need to find a solution and fast...

My choices as I see them:

1) Purchase the V8 EDI module.
Cost may be prohibitive and is still not a turn key solution. Does
this require "Service Connect"?
2) Use Service Connect to automate.
We purchased but have no training. Does this require the "EDI Module"?
3) Build another custom solution.
I can parse our EDI as I have done with previous solution but not
comfortable with creating Order lines and/or releases behind the
scences. Unless, this someone has done this and can offer the proper
tables to update.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.