Vantage 8.03.405 & EDI issue. Help please!

We have an EDI issue. We are upgrading from Epicor's Vantage 8.0 to
Vantage 8.03.405 and would prefer to use the same procedure as we did
in 8.0. We find when processing this way that EDI appears to have a
glitch: When we import our EDI file for processing in Vantage we find
that Vantage is also showing old open orders that are already in the
system. When looking under the review documents tab of the EDI import
screen we find both the old and the new. Also we find that the add
check boxes are left blank and will not auto check, allowing the order
to be posted. When we manually check these boxes the orders are
posted correctly.

John VanZandt
Fasse Valves