EDI implementation

Curious if anyone has seen or used this product?


Wonder if it’s usable for other industries besides automotive.

Yes working with them right now on an automotive implementation. Good company with good people and good product. Mainly geared to automotive, repetitive, EDI, labeling for automotive, etc.

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I’ve never been at a company that used TIE either so can’t really compare.

TIE is a custom map for EDI whereas AIM already has the mapping done for all the major Automotive Customers so you don’t have to start from scratch. They also have all the predefined Labels for all the major automotive companies

@Chris_Conn did you ever end up working with them?
I’m in discussion with them now to look at moving our EDI into Epicor directly; as we do EDI in a separate system, that doesn’t always process into epicor correctly.

No but coincidentally, I now work for a consulting firm that partners with them.