Edit query phrase in a BAQ


Does anybody know how to edit query phrase in a BAQ

image attached is a SQL view in a BAQ

You can not. It is there as a reference. You can only edit it in the query builder.

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okay i think i will recreate the baq as this was a migration from E9 and unable to edit this anywhere in the designer.

It does not look like a standard BAQ. I don’t remember Kit_issue table in ICE/ERP.
So, it seems to me that it is the external BAQ, but for some strange reason it was converted to standard BAQ during migration.

Probably it was modified manually in the original DB. I mean someone cleared the field that specifies BAQ as external.

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I guess it did not convert properly because its a SQL view in a BAQ

As @Doug.C said, you cannot edit this.

  1. It is for reference only
  2. It may not be the complete SQL that is actually run on the server.
    More current versions (like you have displayed here) there is even the warning at the top in the comments that says:
// This is not a real query being executed, but a simplified version for general vision. 
// Executing it with any other tool may produce a different result

AFAIR Standard BAQ did not support SQL views in E10. In some of the late 10.2 initial support was added but it requires that the view should be registered in ZData.

So, only external BAQs support SQL views directly.