Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) for your business

We have had several requests for Electronic Shelf Labels (a-la-grocery story labels)… wondering if your company were to have these… how would YOU use them? what would your desire be for them, and what types of data would you push to the labels?
There are multiple possible uses… depending on which types of labels you use. Some have buttons that can show more data. Some have blinking color that can be activated to help stock pickers “see” the part they are looking for (All parts in a Material queue could be highlighted on the shelf?). In theory, one could populate a Qty field on the label to show how many SHOULD be there (not really cycle counting, but something that could be valuable in some environments).


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These would work great for us for our print plate storage. They go on racks in envelopes and are tied to specific jobs. Would be nice to use something like this to identify them.

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PartBin info would be really good. PartNum, Qnty on hand in that bin.
Would be good tool to have to see what parts might be virtually in the bin but physically not.
Maybe a button that a picker could press to add that part to a next cycle count