Email AP Remittance using APR

Hi - we recently added the APR licence and have successfully setup the print routing to automatically email invoices where a primary billing contact is on the customer record.

I am trying to apply the same logic to supplier payments using the primary purchasing contact…I can get the email to break correctly on change of supplier but the remittance advice attached to the email (APRemit form) is the same for each email and contains all payments for all suppliers in the group…i.e. it is seeing the remittance advice as one document for all suppliers included in the payment group instead of a different report for each supplier like Ar invoices in an invoice group.

Can anyone offer any assistance please?

Thank you

We have it working, what table and field do you break on?

We have it set to break as per the below and seems to work fine.

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Thanks for you reply Ron, I have tried various options such as Vendor or CheckHed. I believe my issue lies in the report data definition and the tables I’ve added and not created the Report Relationships correctly.

Thanks for this its a big help. This has got my remittance advices breaking correctly, however I am getting inconsistencies in email results. Are you able to provide any useful screenshots of the data definition where presumably you have had to add additional data sources and report relationships. I presume you are using the primary purchasing contact as the recipient for the remittance advice?

Many thanks in advance.

Resolved the issue - thanks for your contributions, it pointed me in the right direction!

Hi I came across this topic and I have a problem with my remittance APR I hope someone can help with.

Today we noticed during a larger payment run of around 50 payments – it successfully emailed 28 suppliers- but then didn’t send the rest. On investigation the first one it didn’t send had a faulty email address- rather than skipping this one-it failed emailing all the following payments for other suppliers. Can you help me understand how I can modify the report routing to deal with this issue?

Do you know what the report style is?? I can’t find it.



Vinay Kamboj

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Thank you.

Hi - can anyone share your routing? I am trying to do the same thing and would like some guidance on setting this up

Curious to see what you used in your condition block?

Hi - this is mine, has been working reliably since I raised the topic

Thank you Darren! This helped - I was looking for a Posted = True but this would work! Btw how do you add VendCnt to the tables here? I only have CheckHed and ApTran.

Hello - how come mine says VendCnt.VendorNum_EmailAddress?

Hi I have multiple Vendor Contact, how do you make the remittance record not duplicated?