Emails from BPM to ISP profider

Hello All,

I have several BPM and BAM’s that send out emails when conditions are meet. We don’t have an Exchange server, we just use an ISP. Everything was working okay then the ISP made some changes and now my emails will not go out. My ISP says it is because it is not a secure email? Is there a workaround for this? I’m sure the ISP is looking for a password, ports, SSL connection.


Can you setup a mail relay server?

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We use a service called
Gives us a secure relay and provides some tracking for troubleshooting


I’m not familiar with Do they have an API code for ABL that I can use in a BPM? Or how does that work?


The very pleasant @EarlGrei documented the recommended setup you are looking for if you use IIS.

Hope this helps.

You purchase the service then you setup a sendgrid user to send emails to. They do the authentication and relaying. you simply set it up in Company Maintenance in Epicor.