EpiCombo with UserCodes going Blank on Click

Anyone ever had issues with an EpiCombo going Blank on Focus? I have used EpiCombo’s many times, this is something new to me. I have tried obviously all types of DropDown Style Combinations (DropDown, DropDownValidate).


I also made seperate EpiCombo’s which I use as .ValueList on a GRID. Previously I used the same Combo that I used on the Form, on a Grid. But assuming that was the cause for blanks - I decided to create new EpiCombo’s which are hidden and assign as .ValueList to a grid… that didn’t help.

It happens frequent, but not always which is the odd thing! If I refresh the Form the values are set back, they are valid CodeID’s, Valid Values! Which makes it even more odd.

NOTE: All of these Combos are pulling in the same CodeTypeID, Perhaps Epicor struggles with that?

Even the Combos that work fine, as soon as you do “Refresh List” it breaks.


What if you mess around with your auto width options? I seem to remember that can have an effect on combos.


I narrowed it down to the Description Field. It will only STICK if you have a DescColumnName, which is stupid because you have to create another _c Column which you will not really use.


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Do you have any logic\events on the bound fields?

No I just created a Brand new one on ABCCode, same behavior. Works / Sticks if a DescColumnName is specified only.

Well an option… maybe not a great one, but you could do your own query\handling of the combo choices

Thats an option. It looks like an Epicor Bug, because I remember in E9 you only needed a ValueMember, in E10.0.700 you needed both otherwise it would be grayed out, and in E10.1.500 you need both if you want it to stick, but only ValueMember is required, bug buggy :slight_smile: sigh

Does it bark at you if you use the same field for value and description?

And did you mean “don’t”? edit oh, by stick, you mean work correctly. (I was thinking you meant stick as in broken. Too much mechanical in my head thinking sticky=bad)

It doesnt, but then the Description shows the CodeID unless you give it focus.

If you go to any form put a EpiCombo, pull in 1 of your UserCodes, you should have the same behavior, instantly - heck even on ABCCode :slight_smile:

One thing that Epicor does with their own Combo’s they create temporary Description Columns in their GetList, GetRows Procs, hence their columns don’t have an issue. Been Reflecting on over 50 Combos thus far, they all have a magical temporary Desc Column :slight_smile:

Now I see it. I do have the same behavior. I didn’t realize it was happening. Very annoying.

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But if you assign it a Description column, it will stick and not get cleared… But that means you would need always to make a Code, Desc Column in your Extended UD Tables… Or perhaps, create a temp column.

this.edvOrderRelViewCustom.dataView.Table.Columns.Add("Misc1Desc_c", typeof(string));

I am certain everyone has this issue :slight_smile: they just havent noticed hehe

If I add that extra field in there it still does it for me, what’s more, I notice that if I select a row in the grid, then hit save, it clears the box. It all very erratic and very easy to mess up records.

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Yeah I added the extra field, same - I think only way to stop it is to be an actual DB Field…

Exactly, its when they use it in a Grid and jump to UI its so unpredictable. :slight_smile: Stuff clears even without using the dropdown arrow sometimes.

When we use UserCodes for combos we used the standard “Description” field as the human readable field for the DescColumnName value. The CodeID was generally auto incremented.

Well the DescColumnName is the EpiBinding it should use to store the description. When you create a MyField_c the only thing I can think of is you have to create another field MyFieldDesc_c.

Of course for ValueMember we use CodeID and CodeDesc for DisplayMember.

Ah, I think I see, we made a new “Code Type” for each combo list then Codes for each item in the combo.

Exactly my problem! Especially since I have a BPM that says “If X changes, foreach all and change” - makes it very fragile.

I even thought sharing the Combo with a .ValueList was the cause, so I created additional Combos, same behavior.

Here’s an idea, if the issue only occurs when multiple combos are bound to the UserCodes, just use one for that, then on your other combos, simply clone the valuelist from the working one.