Epicor 10.2.600 - debit memo

our client made a mistaken to accidently post an AP group.
now, they want to reverse. but this group has a lot of invoices. they want to know how to reverse by group. I know debit memo is for a single invoice. it will be hard to issue debit memo one by one.
is there a quick way to reverse the AP group.



There is no reverse by Group that I know of. You’re best bet is to open a new group and under Actions, choose Create Corrective Invoice. This will reverse the GL Transactions and make the receipts unvoiced again.

Hello Mark,
thanks a lot, i will test it first.

have a nice weekend,


our finance actually posted the wrong period. now, we tried create corrective invoice and we found it is not working because the gl is in and out and it doesn’t correct the problem.

is it any way to do it. i am thinking using sql to update the period. is it possible.