Epicor 10, dependent combo box which is not directly linked

Hi Experts,

I have to filter comboxes which are dependent on the output of its parent combo box. But, the tricky point it they don’t have direct relationship.
Eg: there are two comboboxes product group and Category. They are not dependent upon each other but the data pattern is related.
Like category is depended upon product group. If user choose product group ‘SA010’, the combobox of category should display the ID starting from ‘SA’. It all goes like that. Second, if user choose product group ‘CF211’, the category should display the values starting from ‘CF’. Means it should takes the first 2 letters of Product Group and filters cateogry accordingly.

Anyone encounter same issue?


So whenever PrdGrp changes you want the dropdown for Category to be filtered based on the PG?


This might help:

Hey thanks Calvin. It worked like magic.