Epicor 10 dll not found

I am receiving this error in Epicor 10.1.400.18:

Message: Cannot access this menu item: Solution Type Maintenance
Inner Exception Message: The assembly ‘C:\ProgramData\Epicor\epicor10apptest-808\3.1.400.0\DTSF\shared\CustomDLLs\Ice.UI.SolutionTypeEntry.dll’ could not be found.

There is nothing in the CustomDLLs folder shown above.

I searched for a solution and found Epicor 9 client doesn’t play well with Epicor 10 client and the suggested fix is to reinstall Epicor 10. I do not see an uninstall option for Epicor 10 and can’t force it to reinstall.

I read a post a while back about tricking the client to update by removing the reference to the version number in the config file. I could not get this to work. Besides finding another job, any suggestions?

Delete the Client folder from the workstation and rerun the E10Client installer from the server.

I would start by clearing client cache / removing personalizations: Epicor 9.05 Root Element Missing error

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Uninstall with the delete key. There are no registry entries or other items to worry about. (Renaming should work as well.) You may also want to empty the c:\ProgramData\Epicor folder as well.

Mark W.