Epicor 10 updatable dashboard


I created an updatable dashboard. after I deploy the dashboard it hangs when I save the changes.

I have it on the menu as an assembly.

I changed 4 rows and clicked save. the bar at the bottom of the window indicates that it is saving data, but after 15 or 20 minutes I close the dashboard out and the data ha not changed

if anyone has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated

Couple simple things to check first: Is it designed to handle multiple dirty rows of data? Have you verified that the BPM update is functioning properly and if not have you tried rebuilding it? Do you have key fields displayed in your query that are required for the update to occur?

Hi Aaron

The BPM updates ok when there are only a few rows (4 or less) selected for update. The required columns are in the query, but do not necessarily get changed by the user. I am using a base processing method with a custom code caller that loads up all of the required columns for update.

The BAQ is reading several job tables including JobMtl. the user checks a check box and the custom code should add or update UD105 and UD105A. In UD105 and UD105A column Key1 is a generated unique number and Key2 is updated with the Job number. Child Key 1 is the assembly sequence and child Key 2 is the material sequence.

Can you try updating the records in the BAQ designer and see how long it takes? The output log in the analyze tab will show you that

Problem solved, your question about having all of the columns needed to do the update in the query sparked a thought about what I was doing in the custom code.

All of the columns were there and I was filling them to go back to the ttResults table, but I was only including the key columns that I was populating (Key1, Key2, ChildKey1 and ChildKey2) in the select statement. I changed my select statement where clause to include Key3 = “”, Key4 = “”, Key5 = “”, ChildKey3 = “”, ChildKey4 = “” and ChildKey5 = “”.

Thank you!!