Epicor 9.05.702A Create a calculated field in a customization

Thank you so much for the advice, I think I can make that work. Greatly appreciate it!!



Does anybody know if there is an "easy" way to create a calculated field on a customization? Accounting wants to add a "balance due" field to the SO tracker details screen (SO line price - advance balance).Â

Any manufacturing wants to add an "Assembly Total Cost" field to the job tracker -> Assembly -> costs screen (Add up all the assembly cost buckets to get a total)

Has anybody done anything like this?

I haven't look at the method that builds the dataset for the tracker but if there is an unused field in the dataset you can put in a post processing BPM.  The BPM will do the calculation and put the value in that field.   

After creating the BPM customize the tracker to expose that field.

Since this is the SO tracker there is likely a UD field on the SO Line that you can use for this purpose.

Trackers don't always call a BO method that can be trapped by a BPM so using a BPM may not work.

If not you can also use embedded customization to track changes to the screen and do the calculation whenever a new record is loaded.  You would need to add a field/column to the screen to show the value.  There are several examples of doing that under other questions on this group.

Jim Kinneman
Encompass Solutions, Inc.