Epicor 9 Application Server Could Not Start (To the OGs of E9)

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well.

I’m having trouble with an E9 installation, when I try to start the application server, it gives this message:


And when I go to see the logs, I get this message:

Epicor was working before, but because we had some issues with the installation, we opened tickets with the support to try to solve the problem – I’m not going to go over what the problem was since its a drag – and now we can’t access the server. I don’t know how we got from bad to worse, but we did, unfortunately.

One thing to note, the admin user for the OpenEdge Management Console had a different password than the default one prior to contacting the support, and we lost it, so we had to reset to the default which is admin / admin. Also, we changed the logging mode into verbose even when we couldn’t log into the app server – thinking it would solve our problems.

I really do appreciate any help or advice regarding this situation.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Aamer,

We had a problem with change of admin pw awhile back and while I am not the admin of our server so cannot provide details, I do see a post similar to our difficulties. Could this post help you? Manager account password change


Make sure there isnt a .lock file in your OpenEdge Server, if OE failed to delete .lock it sometimes thinks it is still running and wont start again. That has been typically my problem in the past.

Thank you for your help, Nancy.

But I can’t connect to the app server to begin with the password change.

When I try to connect this happens:
appserver not working in epiadmncons

Thanks, Haso.

I looked up for lock files in OE Server, I only found admsvr.lock and followed some steps in a progress article to delete it and regenerate it.

But had little to no impact on the app server and it is still disconnected.

Do you have any more ideas as to how this error is generated?

Thank you in advance.