Epicor 9 cannot claim non-conforming parts. Instant 4GL Stop error pops up

Out of the blue this morning when anyone tries to claim parts that are non-conforming, we get an instant 4GL Stop condition (7423) (7241) error. Doesn’t matter which user or which machine or which job number, the error persists. Same error occurs if we try and go into TIme and Expense entry and edit the labor entry. Claiming good parts works fine, but as soon as they try and enter any non-conforming parts and submit, this error occurs. I’ve already re-booted the Epicor server but that did not fix the problem. Anyone else experience this issue???

Somewhere in the System Maintenance there is a Directives Update Menu item, try recompiling all your BPMs… I’ve seen it when there is a old BPM in the Server side folders.

Also did you add any new UD Fields to any tables but forgot to Regenerate your Database thru the Progress Tools?

Lastly, you might need to go to your Server and look at logs, see if it has more details, you might need to enable Verbose Logging on your App Server.

No server changes have been made, nothing added to UD fields or anything like that.


Please check the server log file.

Oddly enough the problem went away after 24 hours and everything is working normally again.