Epicor 9 Help/Training

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, we have been running E9 for some years now and unfortunately the knowledge of the system is dwindling.
We are based in the South Coast of UK, can anyone recommend an expert than can offer training?


What kind of training?


Hi Rachel
I have just seen your post re training on E9 (I only periodically delve into this forum as most of our clients are on E10+), but every now and again I do to see if I can help.

I work as a consultant at Epaccsys who are an Epicor partner based in Ringwood, we have been a partner for some 22 years; personally I have worked with all the Epicor systems for the last 20 years covering Epicor Enterprise (a version earlier than yours) through to 9, 10 and 11 (Kinetic).

I am sure that we could help you with some training on your version, if you want to discuss further then get in contact so that we can discuss your requirements further (and if ok involve my colleague, rob.graham@epaccsys.com)