Epicor and Citrix

Are there any companies out there using Citrix to run their Epicor 9 applications? We are managed and hosted through Epicor's Managed Services. We are running Epicor 9.05.606 64-Bit SQL. We have a physical Citrix server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise with 64GB RAM, and 4 cores (2.00GHz). We have plenty of horse power on this server and yet Epicor Managed Services is recommending that we run no more than 30-35 users. The server processor is barely moving at all and the memory utilization is sitting at 26% with 42 users.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the number of users that can run on a physical Citrix server with these kinds of specs?

The issue we are currently having is that users from all locations are intermittently receiving the errors below when trying to launch the published Epicor 9 application. They can log into the Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent without errors, but then cannot access the applications, but if they try to launch the same Epicor 9 application 10 minutes or an hour later they can get in without any problems. Has anyone seen these errors before?



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