Epicor Client Print Error

Only one user is getting this error when he tries to print to client. I cleared cache, removed personalization. Should I reinstall?

If you have another user log into this workstation, and log into the ERP client, do they see the same error message doing the same activity?

Does this error message occur after a specific printer is selected or before?

Which version of ERP are you currently on?

I logged in and didn’t get an error. Error occurs during the printer selection pop up.



Possible that the list of printers in Devices and Printers is different between you and your user?

I can check. We logged in on the same pc, as the same PC user.

I will have him log in on another pc as well.

Same exact error message just happened to us, v10.1.400.24.

I know this was caused by recent changes our infrastructure guys made to some printers and GPOs. Almost every user gets it, except for one that I’ve seen so far.

Do you remember if/how you resolved this @knash ?

We had the user remove all of their printers.

Might be related?

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I can definitely rule out recent Windows 10 updates :slightly_smiling_face: