Epicor Dashboards Execute BAQ with Params on Filter?

Has anyone ever figured out how to call a BAQ from a Dashboard with BAQ Parameters (keep reading).

Now you can specify BAQ Params and once the user hits “Refresh” they will be prompted. But if you have Parameters and Dashboard filters, everytime they change a filter and hit refresh they will be re-prompted.

In addition it looks, ugly.

Instead of running a wide-open BAQ that runs for 3 minutes, is there a way to send the BAQ Parameters from the Filters instead (Avoiding the popup).

Further more I would love to see once the user clicks on a Head row, execute a child BAQ with params from the head-row… Let’s say the Details are PartTran records. Its crazy that we grab 1 million PartTran records and the user only wants to analyze 5 of them but by navigating and re-running BAQ Queries upon each click it would make things faster.

Click on Head Row -> Run Details BAQ with Head Row Parameters. (Repeat as the user iterates through rows) [ON-Demand Data] so we can stop running BAQs wide-open or with a -2 years limit.

I have seen this question asked numerous times, and here I am asking it again. Likewise with BAQ Reports, it seems that the BAQ Report runs this wide-open long Query and then applies the FIlter instead of passing the filters as Parameters.

I am okay if anyone has a way to customize the Dashboard to handle those events. But Epicor oughta make this a new feature.

Not knowing what you params are, this idea may not work… but one way I have done this is to create a “parent” query that does a fast query… then I publish from that baq, and the “main” detailed query is filtered on that… so for example, I create a query that shows customers, and publishes the CustNum, and then the main would filter on the published value. You can have multiple publishing queries, (one for a date range, one for customer, etc.)… Those top queries could also be based on UserCodes so it would be custom lists.

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Yes please!

I am not so much talking about just PubSub… In order for the PubSub to find the record “filter” you must have it preloaded in the Child Grid. Once again pulling in 1 million rows before the filtering happens.

I want the Filtering to happen during BAQ Execution not Post BAQ Execution.

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if you subscribe in the filter, then it does grab all the records, but you can also filter the query, which (again, i could be wrong) causes it to re-query with parameters. I have always found it better to add filters to the query whenever possible.

Yeah, but it’s not always possible. That’s where parameters come in, the only problem is the interface from a dashboard to parameters is a pain for end users. We just want the parameters to use inputs like the tracker filters, where they don’t need a popup and the input data persists in the fields rather than being cleared out.

And, filtering the final query and running it with parameters is different if you are using aggregate functions.

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