Epicor Finance log

Hi All

Quick question, i had a member of finance come to me today and ask if there is a log of all the finance transactions that has happened in that month. Other software dose this with just a few clicks and they have ask if epicor dose the same.

I knwo there is a user activitiy log which shows me whos logged on and off and when so somthing like this but for all activities for finance i guess im asking for.

Thank you for any help.

are you looking for activities such as “posted invoices” and “Made payments” or are you looking for logs of the actual transaction details (1000 invoice transactions).
Accounting is actually one of the most detailed in “logs”… but they are called “journals”. and the system has full detail of everything that happened. In some cases, there are sub-journals that are summarized when posted. PartTran is one of those places where many transactions happen, but then that is summarized when posted to the main GL.


Is the Journal Tracker not detailed enough for them?


There is also the Inventory/WIP Reconciliation report. It has options and settings up the wazoo.

Although it’s only for inventory-related transactions, it’s a pretty big start.

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Oh yeah, that’s a good one too!

Thank you all, have past this information on for them to take alook at it to see if its what there after.